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Facilities and Services consists of the Project Development and Engineering group that manages both Capital Construction and small projects across the NMSU System; Facilities Operations, which is organized in traditional shops and is responsible for the physical operation and maintenance of NMSU Las Cruces I&G buildings.

NMSU Leadership has given a new directive to Facilities and Services (FS) that will help us meet our LEADS 2025 goals. Through FS Project Development & Engineering, we are beginning a Facilities Condition Index (FCI) assessment throughout the entire NMSU system. Check out the Facilities Assessment Plan for more information about the buildings we will be assessing and schedule.

Oversight of the business operations is provided by the Facilities Administration unit, the Sustainability and Environmental Policy Manager makes sure that sustainable practices are incorporated into all of our activities, and the University Architect oversees campus planning and the NMSU Master Plan. The NMSU Fire Department is a full-service fire department that provides fire suppression, emergency medical services, hazardous material response, and technical rescue response as well as medical standbys for all athletic games, special events, and concerts.

A current organization chart may be found here: Facilities and Services Top Level Org Chart

Our newsletters can be read here: October 2021, November 2021, December 2021, January 2022, and March 2022

Our mission is to:
Efficiently provide a safe, well maintained and environmentally sustainable university community.