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AC Climbing Wall retrofit - Lift from SE

AC Climbing Wall retrofit - lift from NE
”Activity Center lighting retrofits in the climbing wall room”
RTS had to rent a large lift to reach the light fixtures at the ceiling in the climbing wall room – no easy feat! Retro Tech Systems electricians go above and beyond in their efforts to upgrade our lighting to energy efficient lamps.

Milton snack machine energy sensor far shot
“Snack Machine Sensor”
The Conservation and Modernization project is installing the VendingMiser®.  It is an external device designed for refrigerated vending machines. VM offers savings by using an occupancy-based technology to reduce power consumption and utility costs by up to 46%, while decreasing CO2 greenhouse gas emissions. For more information:

VAV retrofit Branson Library
Branson Hall VAV Upgrade

One of our ECM’s (Energy Conservation Measure) is retrofitting the mechanical system This is what it looks like to upgrade the Variable Air Volume (VAV) air handling system so the air doesn’t run constantly but variably only when needed.


Light Pole Delivery2

CUP streetlight rig end to end
For the Ameresco upgrades the new street light installation has begun.  At times streets and sidewalks will be blocked for safety.  We’ve made special efforts to make sure that everyone can get where they need to go with an alternative route around the construction.  The poles are 40′ tall and need lots of space around them as they’re being raised.  For your safety, look for the yellow caution tape and don’t cross into the construction area.  Then at night look up and notice the bright LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights that we’re installing for energy savings and for your safety.  Thank you for your patience!


LED ext. lamp closeup - 20 watts
Eight 20-watt LED lamps replace eight old 150-watt lamps – you do the math!


Ext. Ltg. workers at ECIII horiz 10.23.14
RTS electricians replacing exterior lighting on campus buildings to be more energy efficient and to improve safety on campus


Team meeting 8.5.14 the gang around the table
Conservation and Modernization project team in our weekly meeting


Branson 1st floor retrofit in the dark 9.10.14
It’s not easy being green!


Branson 3rd flr AFTER 8.19.14

Branson 3rd flr. B4 horiz. 8.13.14

Building Monitor walk-thru Hernandez Hall 9.8.14

Zuhl 9.17.14 ladder for new 2X4%27s


Atop Science Hall is a large mechanical system that heats and cools the building. Ameresco engineers are measuring the air flow into one of the fans


Matt Baker, Ameresco engineer and Project Manager, is looking at the controllers for the HVAC system