Facilities and Services General Notes


Facilities and Services General Notes

Special Notes for Facilities and Services Shops:

  1. Equipment cannot be by-passed or removed during performance contract (i.e., if someone says they don’t want the light sensor, ask them to contact either Dale Harrell or joni newcomer)
  2. All new equipment must be properly maintained; there will training provided by Ameresco for all new equipment; warranty information must be followed
  3. New temperature set points must be adhered in order to maintain contract agreements; They will be set by Ameresco subs.
  4. FS technicians will receive training on new light switch motion sensors; users will receive training as well. Remember, these are not to be removed, even when requested by the user. Training on their use and energy-saving potential is the key!
  5. A small brightly-colored sticker will be placed on new light fixtures and other replaced and/or upgraded equipment. It will show the date and by whom the switch-out was made.


  1. Contractor will be on site for lighting retrofits from 4 PM to 2 AM Monday – Thursday.  Contractor’s work should not affect your normal working standard operating procedures
  2. Please follow the same procedure in regard to not allowing anyone in the building.
  3. If you find a situation after lighting upgrade construction in your area that needs special attention please contact your supervisor for that building.
  4. Contractors will be wearing yellow construction vests with the CARE logo and Ameresco company logo.  No one else should be allowed into the building or rooms of your building.  If you have concerns please contact your supervisor or Art Lucero at 932-9748.
  5. If a situation arises that needs immediate attention (trash in inappropriate places, building damage, etc.) please contact the Work Order Desk at 646-7114. After 5 PM the phones will roll over to the Central Utility Plant at 646-2529.
  6. For non-emergency communications or questions during normal working hours, please contact your supervisor.
  7. Contractors will enter the building with their own keys.  They will secure the building behind them while the work in the early morning hours.  They will lock and secure the building after they leave in the morning.  You will continue to unlock and lock the building per your regular schedule.
  8. Plastic lenses (light covers) on light fixtures will be dry-wiped clean by the contractor.

Electric Shop

  1. Electricians will be trained in the programming and use of the new lighting motion sensors.
  2. Due to contractual obligations with Ameresco for energy minimization lighting sensors or other equipment cannot be switched out.
  3. Temperature settings may not be changed due to contractual obligations with Ameresco.