Energy Conservation Measure


Creating a better working environment for you!

An Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) is any type of project conducted or technology implemented to reduce the consumption of energy in a building. The aim of an ECM is to achieve a savings, reducing the amount of energy used by a particular process, technology, or facility. Ameresco has opted to perform seven different ECM’s at NMSU. They are as follows:we_care_light_bulb

  1. Interior lighting retrofit and upgrades
  2. Exterior lighting retrofit
  3. Retro-commissioning
  4. Economizer upgrade or repair
  5. Variable Air Volume (VAV) retrofit
  6. Chilled water bypass upgrade
  7. Exterior pole mounted lighting upgrades

Some buildings will get all upgrades; some will only get one or two. The website is the place to go to see how your building is affected. Bookmark this page and visit often to see what we’re doing!