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General Notes on Lighting Retrofits

  • Lighting retrofits for interior lighting will be done at night – you shouldn’t see any construction workers in your area. Contractors will begin lighting retrofits at approximately 4 PM and will be leaving the area at approximately 2 AM. You should not be disturbed during your work day. Please go to the “Schedule” link to see the latest updates.
  • Our contractors will be wearing a yellow safety vest with “Ameresco Subcontractor” on the back and the “CARE logo” on the front. If someone asks to be in your area and they are not properly identified, please call the Work Order desk at 646-7114 or joni newcomer at 202-9989.
  • Our contractors are very skilled at retrofits and are bonded and insured. Please know that we are doing everything to ensure the safety and the protection of your area and its contents. The afternoon before construction in your area, you may want to lock up any valuable personal items when you leave at night to put your mind at ease.
  • Facilities and Services personnel will be doing Punch List items during regular hours. They are assuring that the work completed the night before was done properly and that no damage occurred to the buildingbuilding-occupants or your area. If you do find something damaged, please call 646-7114.
  • The lighting upgrades will provide new lamps (light bulbs) or entirely new light fixtures.  Your new lighting will provide great clarity and vision with the new T8 lamp.
  • The plastic lens (light cover) will be dry-wiped clean for better clarity
  • You may have a new occupancy sensor for your area or office.  It will allow you to manually control the lighting.   Please turn your lights off at the switch if you know you’ll be gone for 15 minutes or more.  It will be set to turn off automatically after 30 minutes.
  • Large areas or classrooms will have a motion sensor(s) in the ceiling as well as a switch to manually turn off lights.  We still want people to be responsible for turning off their own lights to lower our energy consumption!
  • Instructions for the new light sensor will be on the FAQs page soon.
  • If you are working late at night and the contractor needs to get into area to switch out lights, they will ask you when a good time is to come back; they will not ask you to leave your office unless you approve.

“Fun Facts” about the new lighting upgrade

Current 4’ T12 fluorescent lamps are typically 40 watts each.  New 4′ T8 fluorescent lamps are typically 28 watts each.

Benefits of the 4’ T8:

      • Visual clarity is significantly better
      • Lower wattage lamps save energy
      • Occupancy sensors will be set to turn off after 30 minutes of no motion in a room.  We encourage you to take responsibility for turning off your own lights, whether it’s your room, a classroom, or shared area (e.g., break room, copy room).