Building Monitors


Building Monitors – this page is for you!


  • Here you’ll find information on the lighting upgrades and what you can do to support us to make our team effort successful for the building conservation and modernization project. Communication is important and this is where you’ll find what you need.
  • The interior lighting schedule is here along with the building monitor responsible for communicating with building occupants. Please contact joni newcomer if you have any problems or questions (or kudos!).
  • The interior lighting upgrades and retrofits will affect you and the building occupants the most. The contractors will be on site anywhere from 7:30 AM to 6 PM Monday through Thursday but they work around your schedule! If their arrival at your office or classroom isn’t convenient just let them know and they’ll schedule a time to come back.
  • Here’s what could happen in your area: replace existing lamps (light bulbs) with new high efficiency lamps and ballasts, replace obsolete fixtures as needed with new more efficient ones, and/or new lighting occupancy sensors to replace or augment switches (depending on the area). Most occupancy sensors are in hallways in the ceilings.
  • The exterior lighting retrofits, installing new LED high efficiency lights for safety and clarity, shouldn’t disturb your work day.
  • Please check back regularly for updates to the construction schedule for your individual building. It’s important that you send out reminders to all of your building occupants on a timely basis. We recommend that you give everyone a 1-week and then a 1-day notice. Changes in the schedule could change day to day, so that’s why it’s important for the reminders.
  • The Office of Sustainability will call to set up appointments to walk through the building with the building monitor for your building 1 – 2 weeks before construction begins. Please check the “Schedule” page for the latest schedule update. For any questions please contact joni newcomer, communications chair, Conservation and Modernization project, at 646-7563.