Second Solar Covered Parking going up in Lot 100 Next to the First Array

Construction dates August 13 – September 10, 2015

Parking Information

Parking Lot 100 (Satellite Chiller Plant) will have its north and east side closed to parking on August 13, 2015 at 10:00 AM for a Facilities Services and Office of Sustainability Phase II Solar Array project. Please note disability parking spaces will be temporarily closed in this parking lot. Nearby disability parking is provided in lots 48 (Rentfrow Gym), 47 (Health Center) and 43 (Breland Hall). The partial parking lot closure is identified in the attachment by red borders. Initially, the entire lot will be closed until the contractor finishes erecting fencing around the construction area.


You will be able to park on the south side of Array #1 during construction (hooray!)

In addition to the Satellite Chiller Plant, the following buildings could or will experience a parking impact: Regents Row, Rentfrow Gym, Breland Hall, Aquatic Center, James B. Delamater Activity Center, Campus Health Center and the Biology Annex. This list may not be totally inclusive of buildings experiencing an impact.

Signs will soon be erected at lot 100 announcing this closure and warning of towing which will continue to take place at and during closure until construction is complete. Once closed, please do not park in the fenced construction zone or block its entrance until all construction fencing and any signage regarding this project has been removed.

If you have any concerns or questions concerning parking, please contact Jim Carroll at Transportation & Parking Services, MSC 3PAR, 575-202-5516 cell or carroll2@nmsu.edu or joni newcomer, co-chair Ameresco Conservation and Modernization project at cell: 202-9989 or sustain@nmsu.edu

Construction Fence Layout