Services Provided

Facilities and Services (FS) is funded to operate and maintain Instructional and General (I&G) facilities. In most cases, routine maintenance and repairs for I&G building structures, systems, components, and/or infrastructure are paid for by FS. FS will prioritize work on a schedule that matches existing staffing and funding resource allocations, and will occasionally place work on a backlog list.

Departments will be charged for discretionary service requests involving non-routine work, building alterations, renovations, improvements, additional services, and requests that are outside the cycle/schedule of routine maintenance. Most services provided to I&G facilities are also available for auxiliary-funded facilities.

As a general rule of thumb: if the equipment or building system already exists or is fixed in place then FS is funded to maintain it. If the equipment or system can be moved should a department relocate then it is generally considered to be the fiscal responsibility of the department.

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Facilities and Services (FS) is responsible for:

Buildings and building systems: FS provides routine maintenance and repairs to university I&G buildings (interior and exterior) and building systems including structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. This includes but is not limited to doors, locks, keys, drywall, painting, ceiling tiles, floor tiles, roofing, windows, window coverings, signage, electrical, lighting systems, heating, cooling, ventilating, fume hoods and exhaust systems, plumbing, meters, and elevators. This also includes periodic painting and carpet replacement based on replacement cycle and condition.

Exterior infrastructure: FS provides landscape and grounds maintenance, exterior trash receptacle management, and concrete and asphalt maintenance. In addition, FS maintains the walkways and roadways around campus and is responsible for the care of lawns, trees, and shrubs. FS is funded to maintain the campus drainage systems.

Classrooms: FS is responsible for the maintenance and repair of furnishings in centrally scheduled classrooms. This includes window shades, blinds, seats, lecterns, projection screens, and blackboards.

Custodial Services: FS provides basic cleaning services for I&G buildings according to a published schedule available on the FS website. This includes recycling services as well as routine pest control.

Exterior Lighting: FS is funded to provide routine maintenance, repair, and replacement of exterior campus lighting.

Pest Control: FS provides general pest controls services in I&G buildings.

Signage: FS provides and maintains interior signage in public areas for identification purposes as well as exterior building identification signage.

Vandalism: FS repairs damage caused by vandalism to I&G facilities including interior and exterior graffiti removal.

Auxiliaries: FS offers services to Auxiliaries under several optional maintenance plans on a cost-recovery basis. FS is responsible for utilities through the service entrance to the first disconnecting means and for basic grounds maintenance up to the building entrance. Outdoor lighting attached to Auxiliary buildings is the responsibility of the Auxiliary occupying the building.

NMSU Vehicles:  FS provides preventative maintenance services for NMSU vehicles. Vehicle Mechanic’s Services Provided