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Note of appreciation for customer service

I doubt most of you heard have heard the story, but when Project Development went to set up the construction fences for the new soccer field owlsthey found a burrowing owl – which is an endangered species. FYI, NMSU has experts in burrowing owls:

..and the owls are on their way to a good home.


But anyway, the problem was the soccer field was on a fast track to completion, and even a week’s delay gave everyone a heart attack.

When I was discussing it with James Hall yesterday, he told me that Ray Perez called him the minute that the owl was discovered and the work stopped, then told him what he was going to do about it, when it would be done, and assured him that if that schedule couldn’t be met that Ray would call James again.

As James said, if communications are open, when we give dates and make commitments, and keep customers in the loop – they can deal with just about anything.

As we focus on exceptional customer service this year, I wanted to thank Ray for a good start.

Thank you Ray