Moving Services

The FS labor crew is available to assist departments in moving furniture and equipment. There is no charge for this service unless items are moved off campus or special equipment such as forklifts or jacks is necessary. Arrangements should be made several days in advance for scheduling purposes.

Services Provided by Moving Services:

  • Furniture moves
  • Equipment moves (includes deliveries to NMSU Central Property warehouse)
  • Table and Chair deliveries (several week’s notice is advisable)

Billable Moving Services:

  • Setting up the Tables and Chairs for Special Events (several week’s notice is advisable)
  • Table and Chairs (After hours and weekend events) at a shop rate overtime charge
    Minimal (2 hrs) trip charge in and out per Moving technician

To request moving assistance, go to the work order request page or call the Work Order Desk at (575) 646-7114. If you don’t have an AiM logon, please contact your Building Monitor so they may process the request for you.

Moving Items to Surplus Sales:

Surplus sales is part of the Property office and not Facilities Services (FS). FS will transport surplus materials to the Property Office when departments wish to turn them in. However, the Property Office must first agree to accept the material.

NMSU wants to encourage you to consider recycling your items! RePete is NMSU’s property and supplies marketplace to facilitate the exchange of useful property and supplies. Items can be offered by departments on if they are usable so other departments can claim them.

Here are Property Services’ procedures:

  1. An email is sent to with the Inventory Change Request (ICR) form.
  2. Property staff will let the department know if there is space available.
  3. Property staff will enter a work order for pickup – departments are not allowed to enter a work order for surplus pickups.
  4. Movers will pickup items with original ICR and deliver to the surplus warehouse.

Contact the Property Office at 575-646-3139, 575-646-3129 or for more information.

List of FS Moving Services/Paint Employees