Internal Advisory Committee


Luis and I are working on revamping the committee. (It may even have a new name and an enhanced purpose – more to come later about that!) I will be cancelling future meetings and any future plans until this new group meets. I will send out a notice once it has been established.

Stay tuned!




The Internal Advisory Committee was formed in response to the current Facilities and Service Strategic Plan. Our main objective is to listen to what is going on in the workplace, discuss the issues, and ultimately forward the appropriate items to the AVP for further action.

If you have a concern, issue, or problem that you feel needs to be addressed, you can approach one of us directly or by filling out the form below. We do receive some issues from our director’s group. Once we receive an item, we will discuss it at our monthly meeting. Depending upon the outcome, we will either make a recommendation to the AVP with suggested solutions, a request for others to continue the discussion on the item, or let you know that we felt the issue was not appropriate for our group. We will not address any type of personnel issues.

Meeting Minutes


IAC: Question(s), Recommendation(s), Recognition(s), or Concern(s)