From the AVP

From the Associate Vice President of Facilities:




NMSU Facilities and Services is a professional service organization that supports New Mexico State University in its mission of instruction, research, public service and extension education by providing support and service to students, faculty, sponsors, and the community. The NMSU Las Cruces campus is much like a small city, and through the efforts of 300 staff, Facilities and Services is responsible for close to 300 buildings, the roadway and utilities infrastructure, and the environmental health and safety of close to 30,000 people. Our dedicated custodians, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) technicians, painters, masons, roofers, locksmiths, engineers, architects, firemen, as well as our administrative and management staff are here to support NMSU in the many activities necessary to carry out the academic mission of the institution.

Facilities and Services consists of the Project Development and Engineering unit that manages both Capital Construction and small projects across the NMSU System; Facilities Operations, which is responsible for the physical operation and maintenance of NMSU Las Cruces I&G buildings as well as a central plant that produces 5 megawatts of electrical power and 5,000 tons of chilled water; and the Office of Environmental Health and Safety that is responsible for environmental compliance and the health and welfare of NMSU faculty, staff, and students at 13 Agricultural Science Centers and 4 Community Colleges in addition to the main campus in Las Cruces. Oversight of the business operations is provided by the Facilities Administration unit, an Environmental Policy Manager makes sure that sustainable practices are incorporated into all of our activities, and the University Architect and Campus Planning Officer oversees the NMSU Master Planning initiatives.The Fire Department provides fire protection and emergency medical response as well as oversight at Special Events.

Our mission is to:


Efficiently provide a safe, well maintained and environmentally sustainable university community.