Facilities Assessment Plan

NMSU Leadership has given a new directive to Facilities and Services (FS) that will help us meet our LEADS 2025 goals. Through FS Project Development & Engineering, we are beginning a Facilities Condition Index (FCI) assessment throughout the entire NMSU system. A dedicated team of trained evaluators will be looking at each building on campus from top to bottom to evaluate the condition of every space. This project will help NMSU prioritize state funding and maintenance, and strengthen the future development of our campus community.

The Evaluators will also be reaching out to each building monitor or a representative to discuss their building and to fill out a questionnaire. An email will be sent to the Building Monitor to schedule an interview time (via zoom or socially distant) with them. They will help the Evaluators address any issues that cannot be observed visually. 

Please note, the buildings listed below we anticipate assessing on those weeks. This building list is not all-inclusive, in the coming months many more buildings will be added. The building list may change due to academic scheduling or prioritization: 

As of April 26, 2021, we are working on producing the 40+ evaluations that were conducted. More buildings will be evaluated at a later time.

If you have any questions about this project, please email askpde@nmsu.edu.