Custodial Services

Our mission is to provide an environment for learning and discovery at New Mexico State University. We clean for health as well as appearance. We fulfill our mission while using environmentally responsible cleaning products, equipment and sustainable processes.

Hours of operation:

  • Main campus shift: 4 AM to 12 PM, Monday through Friday
  • Main campus weekend shift: 6 AM to 4 PM, Friday through Monday
  • Residential/housing shift: 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday

Custodial Cleaning Process

The Custodial team partnered with Laun-Dry Supply and Buckeye International to develop our current cleaning program. This program focuses on cleaning processes using Green-Seal Certified chemicals manufactured by Buckeye International. The program is part of the Buckeye Honors Custodial Training Program for Schools and Universities.
Cleaning Process Diagrams  
Honors Training Manual (English)  
Programa De Capacitación Con Honores De Conserjería

APPA Custodial Levels of Cleaning

Green Cleaning ProgramGreen Seal Certified

Services Provided

  • Lock and unlock the main entrances of buildings (Daily, Monday through Friday and when appropriate on weekends)
  • Clean classrooms, floors, stairwells, and walls (daily)
  • Clean restrooms and replenish supplies (daily), remote locations are done on a set schedule
  • Clean kitchen areas, break areas, and commons areas (daily)
  • Remove trash from classrooms, kitchens, break, and commons areas (daily)
  • Clean private offices (weekly), cleaning does not include cleaning the tops of office desks or personal items
  • Remove trash and recycle materials from offices (weekly)
  • Vacuum and spot clean carpets (weekly)
  • Clean hard surface floors (weekly)
  • Interim carpet/floor maintenance (Semi-annually)
  • Restorative carpet maintenance (every other year)
  • Restorative hard surface floor maintenance (every other year)
  • Window cleaning, exterior building windows only (annually)
  • Dust unobstructed areas as scheduled by Custodial Services
  • Respond to emergency cleanup situations (as needed)

I&G Facilities Billable Services

  • Clean upholstery by service request only
  • Cleaning carpets more than every other year
  • Refinishing hard surface floors more than every other year

Auxiliary and non-I&G Facilities

All services rendered in support of non-I&G buildings are billable.

Lists of Employees