Outline for Excellence

The New Mexico State University (NMSU) main campus sits on 625 acres, enrolling more than 15,000 students from 49 states and 89 foreign countries. NMSU is a NASA Space Grant College and a Hispanic serving institution serving a multi‐cultural population of students and community members across the state at five campuses, cooperative extension offices located in each of New Mexico’s 33 counties, and 12 agriculture science centers. NMSU is truly a reflection of the region’s vibrant communities.

NMSU brought new leadership to Facilities and Services (FS) in late 2008. We began with the criteria for the APPA Award for Excellence, and submitted our organizational plan as the OUTLINE FOR EXCELLENCE. We measure our progress regularly, and after seven years of keeping these goals in our crosshairs, we feel that our organization is worthy of applying for this distinction.

Over these past seven years, we color‐coded our OUTLINE FOR EXCELLENCE with periodic updates using this legend:

X.X Criterion
o 2008 Initial plan
o Updates 2010‐2011
o Updates 2012‐2013
o Updates 2014‐2015

For our submission, we added a summary underneath each criterion. On behalf of the men and women of FS, we are proud to share our journey.

Outline for Excellence-First Page Image