Documents Referenced in Application

1NMSU Master Plan      68Friends of Safety
2Organization charts and services provided69Customer Bill of Rights 
3NMSU position descriptions70AiM Notes Log

4Billable services list -
Access Control, Custodial, Electricians, and Grounds
71AiM Training Section
5Departmental meeting minutes 72PDE Bi‐weekly communication
6CommTech Transformations Environmental Scan73AiM IQ
7FS Employee Engagement Survey 2013, AF Employee Engagement Surveys 2014 and NMSU Employee Survey74
AiM training online
82008 Outline for Excellence 75PDE Value Add chart
9Internal Advisory Committee information and Organizational name, our mission, goals and values76PDE Project Sign
10Facilities and Services Strategies and Objectives  77APPA FPI  and Sightlines reports
11Administration and Finance Strategic Plan 78EHS correlation analysis on staffing
12Facilities and Services Newsletters 79President’s Budget Book
13Building monitors
Outage notices
80Departmental KPIs
14Unit meeting notes81My Energy Pro screenshot
(Tortugas Substation Energy Comparison)
152013 Town Hall 82AiM module and Delta‐T screenshots
162014 Facilities Annual Meeting83BRR plan and other assessments
17University Administrative Council screenshot Council for Academic Deans for Research (CADRE) Presentation84EHS fume hood inspection and EHS High hazard inspections
18Las Cruces Planning meetings85Fire Department inspections
19President’s Budget Book86Strategic Capital Renewal (Sightlines) 
20Vision 2020 87Facilities and Services budget document
21Administration and Finance Strategic Plan (Empowerment)88EHS generator run time log 
22Grounds self-improvement plan 89Ameresco Performance Contract
232014 CAPPA Conference
APPA Pacesetter Award Press Release
90FSA replacement document 
24Educational Facilities Professional certifications 91Mobile device document
25APPA training list92Mercer information
26Supervisor’s Toolkit flyers
Professional Development
93Deloitte staffing study
27EHS Director’s Roundtable 94NMSU safety training online
28Fire Department training95Monday Morning Memo
29Delegation email 96EHS website 
30Aggie Leadership Academy (ALTA)97CLPD 97% rate
31NMSU and Administration and Finance Strategic Plans98First report of accident form / Lost days chart
32Departmental StatementsVision Statement, Goals, and Values 99In‐House promotions tracking
33Facilities Strategies and Objectives100Institute of Organizational Excellence
34CommTech SWOT Analyses 101Facilities and Services Awards , Ray Martinez Award, We Care Award, Ralph B. Crouch Award, Stephen W. and Robert E. Roberts Memorial Staff Award, Above and Beyond Award
352008 Version of Outline for Excellence102Turnover calculation
36Project Development and Engineering Processes Thweatt Report103Warehouse Improvement Plan 
37CommTech Transformations reports104Vehicle Replacement Plan,
Equipment Replacement Plan, 
Equipment Repair and Replacement
38PDE Metrics PowerPoint
Warehouse Improvement Plan
105AiM work order and EHS inspections
39Employee Engagement Surveys

106Triage process
402014 Annual Meeting Presentation107Departmental KPIs
41President’s Book with metrics108Preventative Maintenance documentation
Natural Gas System,
Water System / Presentation
Fume Hood preventative maintenance
42Warehouse Improvement Plan 109Project Request Form and Project Estimates
432015 Budget hearings110Design Guidelines
44Master PlanDesign Guidelines
Heritage Preservation Plans, Volume 1 and Volume 2
111Service Level Agreements 
(Athletics and Housing)
45Master Plan refresh 112Heritage Preservation Plan, Volume 1 and Volume 2
46Heritage Farm concept and Housing (Tom Fort and Sutherland, Garcia Hall)113University Communications Facebook Photo 
47Plan Review process information114Light walk
48Plan Review Comment form115BRR Plan
49All Hazards Emergency Operations Plan 
Continuity of Operations Plan
116Prezi presentations
50Delegation email117Asset Reinvestment Chart (Sightlines)
51Emergency Planning Committee Charter118Volunteer Events
Arbor Day
Keep State Great
Trio Day
Sustainability Day
52Essential Personnel plan119Internal Advisory Committee information
53Emergency Planning Committee 
SharePoint website
120Annual Picnic Pictures
54Customer Service Surveys121Sustainability website screenshot
Sustainability Annual Report
55Building Monitor meeting122STARS Gold Rating
56Capital Outlay Process123Climate Action Plan
57Environmental Health and Safety inspection form124Sustainability and WeCare websites
58Fire Department inspection form125NMAEE Award release
59Triage meeting notes126EHS Annual Report
60Fire Chief Compliance Statement
Fire System Responsibilities Matrix 
Spill Prevention Storm Water plans 
127Compliance statement
Hot Work Impairment Process
61Work Control Desk Reference128
Insurance Service Office letter 
62Work Order adjustment process
Facilities and Services Procedure Manual 
Fire Department Annual Report
63Fire Department SOGs130
2008 Outline for Excellence 
Facilities Operations and Utilities Audit 2009 and 2014
64Departmental Trifold Brochures
Departmental Annual Reports (EH&S , Fire Dept, Operations, PD&E, and Sustainability)
131Regents professors banners
Anti‐graffiti painting on electrical switches
65Door hanger service card132Casagrande Consulting 
R. L. Townsend reports 
66Custodial tasks
Grounds Plant O&M tasks
133Publications in Facility Manager magazine 
67Service Level Agreements
(Athletics and Housing)