Welcome to NMSU’s Submittal for the Award for Excellence


In July 2016, Facilities and Services was recognized with a national excellence in facilities management award. Here is the press release and video.

In 2008, New Mexico State University Facilities and Services began using the APPA Award for Excellence (AFE) criteria as an organizational plan. We put bullets underneath each criterion as the initial planning for many of the measures. There were reorganizational moves over the years as progress was made, and the AFE criteria were revisited every year, with updates and entries made to track progress under each measure. Reaching the performance level where we would be proud to enter a submission to APPA was a goal we adopted and one that the NMSU Facilities and Services organization has kept at the forefront since 2008.

To the right is our November 30, 2015 submission in a PDF format and below the submission is broken out by each section.

We hope you enjoy reading about all the amazing achievements and the personnel who accomplished them.

Glen Haubold
Associate Vice President for Facilities
New Mexico State University
Facilities and Services
One Team / One Goal

Outline for Excellence-WebIcon Leadership 2016-WebIcon 2.0-Strategic Plan-1 Circle-WebIcon 3.3-Friends of Safety Award-WebIcon 4.6-Energy Dashboard-WebIcon
Outline for Excellence 1.0 Leadership 2.0 Strategic & Operational Planning 3.0 Customer Focus 4.0 Information and Analysis
5.10-2013 Roberts Memorial Staff Award-WebIcon 6.3-Project Request Form-WebIcon 7.5_Staff Serving-WebIcon 8.4-Fire Department-WebIcon Documents-Library
5.0 Development and Management of Human Resources 6.0 Process Management 7.0 Performance Results 8.0 Other Considerations References