PD&E Forms

Project Development and Engineering Forms
Architectural Fee Calculator
BOR PowerPoint Presentation Template New FS 2019
Meeting Agenda Template
NMSU Transmittal Template
PD&E Leave Request
PD&E Purchase Requisition
PD&E Spreadsheet Header and Layout Template
Request For Temporary Reserved Parking
Road Closure Form
Request for Temporary Reserved Parking
Planned Utility Outage Request
Target Finder
B-Design Revision C
C-Construction Part I Revision D
C-Construction Part II Revision D
D-Other expenses Revision 2013.07.02
ADA Compliance Form
Agreement for Construction Services
Application & Certificate for Payment
Architectural Services Contract 10.23.18
Architectural Services RFP
Board Approvals Certification
Certificate of Substantial Completion NMSU
CES CO-Pay App Log
Change Order Calculation Sheet
Change Order Memo
Change Order Request
Confidential Budget_Summary
Construction Contractor ITB
Construction Contractor RFP
Contractor Building Access Request
Contractor Selection Award Recommendation
Customer Bill of Rights
Disruptive Activity Checklist
Estimate Worksheet
F&S Internal Kick-Off Agenda
G703 NMSU Continuation Sheet
ITB Contractor Bid Tabulation Form
ITB Pre-Bid Check List Template
Pay Application Log
Pay Application Memo
Plan Review Comment Sheet
Plan Review Sign-off Template
Pre-Construction Meeting Agenda
Professional Services Contract
Professional Services Contract - NMSU Standard Terms and Conditions. Attach this document to the Professional Services Contract submission.
Professional Services Contract Amendment Form
Professional Services Contract Appendix I Form
Progress Report Template
Project Brief
Project Budgetary Estimate Brief
Project Requisition Packet
RFP Contractor Bid Evaluation Forms
RFP Pre-Proposal Check List Template

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