Facilities AVP Awardees


Heidi M. Frohnapfel
Project Manager
Project Development and Engineering

If you have been to the middle of campus and / or visited the Hardman Jacobs Undergraduate Learning Center, you will know why Heidi has been selected. In addition, the related renovations around McFie Circle are also being managed by Heidi. Both of these projects have gone extremely well and will impact the appearance and functionality of the NMSU core campus for many years. For this reason, we are proud to honor Heidi with the AVP’s Award for 2015.


Florarine Jones
Suzanne Montes


2014_AVP_AwardeeDale Harrell, Ph.D., P.E.
Lead Facilities Engineer
Office of the University Architect

Dale – or maybe I should say, Dr. Harrell – has a title of “Lead Facilities Engineer” although he really is serving more as the University Engineer by beginning to coordinate all facility engineering in the same manner as the University Architect does with professional design firms.

For the past three years, Dale has played a pivotal role in the development of the NMSU Performance Contract Phase 1, a $15 million dollar, guaranteed energy savings project that will, in addition to other energy conservation measures, replace most of the T-12 fluorescent lamps and ballasts on the Las Cruces campus. When this project retires,the debt in 14 years, NMSU will be able to keep the improvements and the entire $1.8 million in savings that will be generated annually by then.  Keeping one’s “eye-on-the-ball” for a three year project is a challenge, and Dr. Harrell has handled this one very well.


Alton LooneyAlton Looney
Assistant Director
Project Development and Engineering

Alton Looney has been building and renovating NMSU’s buildings and utilities for the past ten years. Starting his NMSU career in 2002, he brought with him years of project management experience. Although he took a short leave of absence from NMSU in 2005, he returned in 2006 to continue his career. Through the years Alton has pushed and held himself and his direct report to a high standard of professionalism and project management.



Enrique “Henry” Espalin
Project Manager
Project Development and Engineering

“Enrique (Henry) Espalin has been in the Facilities and Services Project Development and Engineering office since May of 2007. During this period, Henry has quietly completed 46 projects worth a value of $59,000,000. Henry’s most recent accomplishments are the Barnes and Noble Bookstore, Chamisa II Apartments, and now, the 10” Waterline Rehabilitation projects. The Barnes and Noble Bookstore project contained unusual cost accounting issues to overcome. Due to the size and configuration of Chamisa II, Henry developed a very large and unique 1,300 + line item schedule of values to track this project’s cost. As with any successful project, the outcome is a reflection of the person guiding the process. Henry’s ability to fill this role is impressive.

On the personal level, Henry comes to work every day, intent on giving NMSU a 110% effort. His depth of construction knowledge; ability to resolve technical or difficult problems; and the manner in which he addresses the client and university needs; are far beyond his youthful age. Those who know and work with Henry appreciate his integrity and self control, and, thank him for coming to work every day. He is an incredible resource.”